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Summer Decor Ideas For Your Home

It may still feel like spring, but it's only a few more weeks until a midsummer night. We've put together a few tips for updating your home in preparation for the longest days of the calendar.

The goal? The goal? To bring the outside in. You can bring the outside in with soft palettes that are inspired by nature. Textured pieces such as thick woven rugs and accents of natural elements, like wood, rattan and malachite, create a peaceful oasis from the heat. These pieces also have a summery air that is effortless and breezily cool--something we wish would last past Labor Day.

Here are some top tips from interior designers to help you transition into the new season smoothly.

Start the Kiln

The incorporation of tile, ceramics, and earthenware in the home is one of the most beautiful ways to bring the outside inside.

Get out your linens White linen slipcovers are a chic and fresh way to brighten up any space in the summer. The slipcovers add a casual elegance to your room and can be washed after the season wraps are removed. For a relaxed summery feel, you can throw a batik print hand-blocked over your patio, kitchen or dining table.

If you don't want to spend a lot, some airy linens around the bathroom and kitchen can give off a summery, ethereal vibe. Homespun linens are natural fibers that can be used to bring Mother Earth's simplicity into your home.

Green is Good

Greenery is the easiest and most effective way to make your home feel summery. Don't worry if you don't have green fingers.

Transforming a space by picking up a branch of eucalyptus and placing it inside a simple glass container can change it in an instant.

This plant is easy to maintain and can last for many days longer than regular flowers. Its simplicity makes it the perfect centerpiece for any summer party. You can also pot up plants in seasonally appropriate containers to refresh your plants without having to change them. Terra-cotta pots with seasonal flowers and aged terra-cotta are the best way to bring your garden indoors.

Woven and Wicker

Summer is best represented by woven textures. Wicker hurricanes also create the ideal summer atmosphere to make you feel like you're eating alfresco.


The secret to achieving a summer vibe in your home is about finding the right combination of pieces, even if they don't logically match together. Mixing indoor and outdoor is something I love all year.

This blurred line feels elegant and chic, whether it's a garden stool with a stone table in the interior or a French-style chair and Neoclassical stone console outside.

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