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How to Choose a Designer to Refresh Your Living Room

Most experienced Interior Designers will often tell you to match professional design services to your goals and needs to get a living room that reflects your style.

Does your living room look out dated? Whether you’re looking for quick furniture-arranging assistance or a complete makeover, read on for the need-to-know info on making your living room live up to its ultimate potential.

Redecorating Your Living Room

Whether your living room is a formal spot to gather with visitors or the main hangout attraction of your house, it’s likely to take up a good amount of space in your home — so it is pivotal that it works well and properly expresses your style.

If you are over the way your living room looks or are frustrated by the layout, getting some help — a little or a lot — from a professional Interior Designer can aid in setting you on the proper track and help create a living room that meshes with your style and your life.

In addition, an interior designer can help see your project completely through from beginning to end — or provide you with a plan to follow through on your own.

Getting A Design Consultation

A design consultation is exactly what it sounds like — a sit-down in your home with a designer to talk about your living room and offer feedback and recommendation. In your initial phone conversation, you and your Interior Designer can agree upon a length of time for the consultation.

Typically, these range in time, with majority of Interior Designers being open to adding time if you feel you need more once you’ve gotten started (and if their schedule allows). This can be used as a stand-alone service, but it can also be a great way to see if you connect with an Interior Designer, prior to diving into a project.

Having A Design Plan

If you want more direct and specific guidance, but you don't mind shopping and moving furniture on your own, a design plan can offer a satisfying medium between a consultation and a full-service design.

Although the details of what you receive will vary depending on what you agree on with your designer, a typical living room design plan includes:

  • A design board that lays out the items suggested by the designer for purchasing

  • A color palette

  • A floor plan of the room indicating how to put it all together

Full-Service Design

If you want a professional Interior Designer to handle your living room design from start to finish, full-service design is probably the right option for you.

With full-service design, your interior designer can take care of everything, including creating a captivating vision for your space, finding furniture and hanging art the right way.

E-Design or Distance Design

If you’ve fallen for a certain designer’s work but live outside his or her region, you may still be in luck if the pro offers e-design or distance-design services.

When it comes to this model, you may communicate with your designer via email or Skype calls and receive a living room design plan through snail mail or digitally. The level of service can often depend on a lot of thing, with some interior designers offering a good deal of personal service (multiple phone calls and follow-up emails), and others offering less personalization but at a more affordable rate.

Tips On What to Look For In An Interior Designer

Choose an Interior Designer that creates spaces that you want in your home, Simply put, although good interior designers can adapt to multiple styles, they have a personal one that they generally gravitate toward (and come back to, over and over again,)

So if you happen to find an Interior Designer whose portfolio lines up with your design style, that’s a sign of a good match. Of course, personalities matching up is just as important as styles matching up. You might be spending a lot of time with your designer, so it is nice if you get along with them.

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