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Essential Design Concepts To Help Enjoy The Comfort Of Your Very Home

You're considering renovating your home. It's amazing! Your new space will be spectacular. But...

What do you want in your space?

Which feeling would you like it to exude?

How is it possible?

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by excitement and the overwhelming feeling of "Where do I even start?"

Using Color

Our Interior Designers recommend that you limit the use of color. Use color sparingly in art, fabric, and accessories will have a stronger impact. Color should not be overwhelming the architecture. It should complement the interior/exterior framework.

Do what feels right. Take your time

Design is an organic process. The Interior Designers at iDesign recommend that you take your time and allow it to feel right. If it doesn't feel right, it is likely it won't last. You will eventually get tired of it. If you respond with a 'no', it is probably not the right answer. If your first response is 'no!', be open to trying again.

Don't be afraid, even if you have worked with an interior designer for a while, to voice your opinion! Experienced interior designers will appreciate your feedback and clarity. Do not settle for something you don't love.

The Elements of a Room

Interior designers will tell you that every room should have five elements: color (print, texture, glow, and something living). This combination creates a dynamic visual story that anyone who sees the space can enjoy.

Add an Area Rug

An area rug can be added to any seating arrangement to help ground it and tie the pieces together. Connecting the sofas or chairs will encourage conversation and enhance the enjoyment of the area.

Be Authentic

Do not try to be someone you aren't. Do your best to surround yourself with people and things you love. You want a room to feel like your own when you enter it. Our interior designers suggest that you create a space around things you love.

When designing your home, be true to yourself. Ask yourself how you live, and then assess your space. Take stock of the items you have or want to buy and consider why they are there. You should have everything in your home for one reason: it is something you love, it serves a purpose or has sentimental value.

After your space has been assessed, our interior designers recommend that you determine your style by asking questions like:

Are you more comfortable with oversized or undersized furniture?

Do you prefer texture to patterns?

Are you looking for straight or curved lines

You want your home to reflect your personal style and lifestyle. You will find a home that is both comfortable to live in and a place you love to call your own.

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