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Essential Decorating Mishaps To Try And Get Away From As A Designer

A massive reason a handful of individuals don't get around to going through with a decorating project is because they are afraid to make a costly mistake. Our Interior Designers have put together a list of a few major design mistakes that can affect your entire project. Read these for guidance and ideas, and then seek an interior designer who is in the ideal frequency with your vision and can help make your dreams a reality.

Selecting Paint Before Anything Else

While paint is in a variety of ways is one of the greatest parts of your design (specifically in terms of pure square footage), that doesn't mean it should necessarily be the first thing you select. For example, the well-coordinated furnishings and decoration in this room may function using an assortment of paint colors.

The Solution: Our Interior Designers say that as soon as you've settled on some of your essential fabric furnishings (rugs, cushions, draperies, upholstery), it is relatively seamless to select a coordinating color from a fan deck or pair of paint chips. Finding fabrics you really enjoy after already committing to a paint scheme is considerably harder.

Purchasing Furniture Without Measuring

It is hard to judge the scale of furniture when it is sitting on a massive showroom floor. That's why homeowners are sometimes shocked to find that the magnificent sectional or coffee table they saw at a showroom appears as if it takes up the whole room when it is sitting in their living room.

The Solution: If you understand what exact measurements you are searching for, you can allow the actual numbers direct you if your own eyes may be playing tricks. Measure (or perhaps mark with tape) the area available for each major bit so that you can figure out an acceptable size range.

Make sure to bring these measurements with you as soon as furniture shopping and try and adhere to them. If you fall in love with something outside of your size range, ask if it comes in an assortment of sizes, or have it measured and deliver the measurements home to tape off on your space to make certain it is a measurement you are happy with.

Shopping in Just One Shop

One-stop shopping is all the rage these days, but furnishing your entire home (or perhaps just one room) from the same store generally will result in a not as fascinating visual narrative than taking some time to shop around.

The Solution: Our Interior Designers suggest you attempt stores that carry a variety of design lines, or even online stores that draw from different manufacturers and brands. This way, even if you have one specific style or period, your home will not appear cookie-cutter.

Another solution is to work with an interior designer. These experts have access to an assortment of products and custom options.

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