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9 Great Ways to Use Wall Storage to Help Organize Your Kitchen

It can be difficult to set up a kitchen with limited storage space. However, there are usually options.

You can bring in your own storage items, like a makeshift island or a cart-turned-prep-station. Some of your kitchen supplies can be stored outside the kitchen. It's possible to get rid of some stuff. You can also make use of the vertical space you already have but aren't aware of: your walls.

Although it is not always easy to put things up on walls because of fear of visual clutter, it can look beautiful when done correctly.

Open shelving requires you to be extremely organized. Open shelving will require you to be more careful about what you place on it.

Why is this worth the effort? You can grab something if it's within reach. This will cut down on the time you would spend looking through your messy utensil drawer.

You will also find your kitchen small if you live in a large city. You need your cabinet space for bigger, bulkier items. Vertical space is often overlooked and only considered floor space.

However, that space is available for all to use.

How should you make the most of your wall space? These are 8 of our favourite ways to use your wall space:

Install a pegboard

We love pegboards. Pegboards are easy to find at your local hardware store and they're super cheap. It can be painted the same color as your walls if you wish so that it doesn't stand out too much.

Pegboard can be used to hang any of your frequently-used and hard-to-store kitchenware. You can also add a bar to hang dishes towels, paper towels and your microplane. You can also check out the accessories that will maximize your pegboard’s utility.

Install a hanging pot rack

The hanging pot rack makes your kitchen tools accessible for cooking and dry able afterward.

Don't hang all of your pots. Keep it simple and stick to the essentials.

We've discussed knife magnets before, as we are big fans. They're great space-savers. It's not a good idea to hang a lot of single-use knives. Instead, keep your three most essential kitchen knives- chef’s knife and paring blade--near your prep area so that you can start mending those vegetables without having to dig through drawers.

Stemware holders can be hung

Use a stemware holder to hang wine glasses from the bottom cabinet. Your home will feel like a restaurant.

This is a great solution if you don't have much cabinet space. Wine glasses can be difficult to store with water glasses and plates.

Elevate your Dish Rack

My fellow non-dishwasher people: Do you know how your dishrack takes up a lot of your available counter space?

This dish rack is genius. This dish rack can be hung above your countertop to free up counter space for other important kitchen tasks. It is attached to a hanger and has a drip tray that collects any moisture.

A magnetic kitchen organization rack can be hung on the fridge's side.

Mather says that this type of rack is great because it often has multiple bars. It also has a shelf and hooks at its bottom for scissors, bottles openers or other items. It attaches magnetically so there is no complicated installation. You don't need to have a lot of space on your fridge, but you still need one item. Try a smaller version designed to hold paper towels.

Utilize door space

Don't throw away a door from your kitchen. This practical bathroom organizer can be used as an over-the door storage system. This organizer is for your bathroom. However, it can also be used for spices or oil and other small items that fit on a narrow shelf.

Open shelving can be installed

There are many options for beautiful open shelves. These shelves can add visual interest and serve a crucial role in storing kitchen supplies. Keep these two things in mind.

To prevent items from falling off the shelves, you can buy shelves with a lip. For oils and mugs, these shelves are ideal.

Consider what you would like to display. It will be part of your decor. We love to display beloved ceramics and spices in matching bottles or Mason jars of dried grains or beans.

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