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Small Living Room Tips to Make the Most Out Of Small Spaces

Living in small spaces is easy, cost-effective, and often charming. There are many challenges when it comes designing your tiny space to make sure it is perfect for you. All your choices, including what furniture you should buy, how to arrange it, and what colors to choose, will be made through the lens of small-space living.

Even though your main living space is not large, there are many ways to make it feel like home. We've compiled a list of our top small apartment living space ideas that you can browse to get some inspiration.

The beauty of creativity and the power of the internet means that no matter how small your living space is, you can find the right layout for it.

Small Space Design Tips

A few design tricks can make small spaces seem larger.

Design Tips for Small Spaces

  • Make smart decisions with color. To make your space feel larger, use white trim/ceiling and walls.

  • Be sure to measure the space for your rug. You will make the space look smaller if you choose a rug that is too small.

  • Use reflective surfaces. Mirrors make rooms seem larger.

  • Add finishing touches. You want to have fewer accessories. Too many pieces can make the space feel cluttered.

  • Choose furniture pieces that can be used multiple times. The minimalist philosophy is a good example: When you can get multiple functions from one item, you reduce clutter and free up space. Nesting tables and benches with hidden storage are great ways to save space while still creating versatility.

Small Apartment Living Space Ideas

These 40 rooms, which range from tiny living spaces that are full of inspiration to large living spaces that can adapt to small living arrangements, show you how to increase your square footage without having to do any demolition or renovations.

Stick with a Color Scheme

A consistent color scheme can make a small studio or room appear larger and more spacious.

Go long

You are looking for small apartment living rooms ideas that fit into a narrow space? Look for furniture that is small in dimensions and light, airy pieces with low visual weight. To maximize every inch of floor space, place key furniture like your sofa and large bookshelves against the wall.

Lift an alcove

Even a tiny corner can be used to emphasize the coziness and intimacy of a small footprint. Soft textures and soothing colors can help make even a small area seem larger.

Embrace a multipurpose room

Is there not enough space to have a separate living, dining, and breakfast area?

You should make sure you separate these areas from one other room. This decorating strategy will make your layout appear more open and spacious with the right furniture.

Reduce your size and increase your size

You can make the most of high ceilings in your home by using them. Vertical decorating can be achieved by using tall mirrors, tall shelves and curtains that are several inches higher than your windows. This draws the eye up, creating the illusion of a larger home.

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