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Pivotal Decorating Mistakes To Try and Avoid

Fear of making a costly error is a major reason why a few people don't do a decorating project.

Here are some design errors that could affect your job as an interior designer. These are guidelines and ideas to help you find the right interior designer for your vision.

Choose Paint Before Everything Else

Paint is a great part of any design, but it doesn't have to be the most important. You can use a variety of colors to complement the decor and furnishings in this room.

According to our Interior Designers, once you have chosen your fabric furniture (rugs, cushions and upholstery), it's relatively easy to choose a matching color from a fan deck, or pair of paint chips. It is much more difficult to find fabrics that you truly enjoy after you have committed to a paint scheme.

Furniture Purchases Without Measuring

If furniture is on a large showroom floor, it can be difficult to gauge its size. Sometimes, homeowners find it hard to judge the size of furniture if it's on a large showroom floor.

You can use the numbers to guide you, even if your eyes are playing tricks. You can measure the area for each major piece and mark it with tape to determine a range of acceptable sizes.

These measurements should be taken with you when furniture shopping and must be followed. You can ask for a variety of sizes if you love something outside your preferred size range. Or, have the item measured and delivered home to be taped on your space.

Only One Shop

Although one-stop shopping is a popular trend, furnishing your entire house (or just one room) from the same shop will generally result in a less interesting visual story than spending time looking around.

Our Interior Designers recommend that you shop at stores that offer a range of design lines or online shops that use different brands and manufacturers. Even if you are a particular style or have a specific period of time, your home will not look cookie-cutter.

An interior designer is another option. These professionals have access to a wide range of products and can make custom orders.

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