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How to Choose A Designer to Help in Bringing New Life To Your Living Room

Is your living room in disarray? You may be looking for quick furniture-arranging tips or a complete overhaul.

This is a great job if you are unhappy with the layout of your living room.

Get help -- a little or a lot -- from professionals can help you get started and create a living space that suits your lifestyle and style.

Who to Hire: An Interior Designer or Decorator can help you plan your project from beginning to end or provide you with a detailed plan to follow. We take a look at the various options available, including design consultations, design plans and full-service design.

Design consultation A design consult is exactly what it sounds like: a visit to your home with an interior designer to talk about your living space and provide feedback and suggestions. You and your interior designer will agree on a time frame during your first phone conversation.

These usually take between two and three hours, with designers willing to give you more time if necessary. You can use this service as a standalone service or it can be used to establish if you are able to work well with a designer before starting a project.

Design plan - If you need more guidance but aren't afraid to shop and move furniture on your own, a plan can help you find the right balance between a consultation or a full-service design.

The details of what you get will depend on what you have agreed to with your designer.

A typical living room design plan includes a design board that lists the items the designer recommends for purchase, a color palette, and a floor plan showing how the room should be put together.

Full-service Design: A full-service interior designer can handle your entire living room design.

Your interior designer/decorator can provide full-service design services, including creating a vision for your space and finding furniture.

Average Job Length

Interior designers will tell you that there is no "typical" time frame for design functions. It all depends on the timeframe of the customer.

You, the customer, can speed up things by being decisive, and ultimately by just expecting your interior designer do their job. Many interior designers recommend that a single room be completed within several months to allow for long lead times for some furniture companies.

Five Quick Tips to Refresh Your Living Room

1. List the few problems in your space. Does the furniture arrangement work? Do you need to modify the color scheme? What's the problem.

2. Reduce clutter. You can see your living space in a new light if you get rid of clutter and excess.

3. Photograph your space. You can use this to get some distance psychologically, so you can identify the areas that need to be changed more easily.

4. Use design tools. You can create a floor plan on paper or online, make an idea book or cut and paste a board. It can be very helpful to see all your ideas at once.

5. You should be focusing on textiles. You can transform your living space by replacing a rug, reupholstering chairs, or buying new throw pillows.

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