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Great Spring Themes for Interior Design That'll Easily Bring Light To Your Home

Get rid of winter blues and bring spring to your home with bright, cheerful spring themes. The perfect time to renew your home's interiors is when the cold weather begins to warm up.

Spring Into Fresh Design

A colorful wreath of flowers can be a great way to start the season. You can make this door decoration Easter-themed by adding decorative bunnies, eggs, or chicks in pastel colors.

Slipcovers are a quick way to make your home spring-themed. Slipcovers are especially useful if you have rich or dark upholstery. Slipcovers in soft floral patterns or pastel yellows will bring spring to your living space.

Fruit and flowers are another way to instantly add freshness to your home. You can place bouquets or baskets with fresh-cut flowers, silk stems, or fragrant fresh-cut flowers on your foyer tables, kitchen islands and dining tables. Spring themes are best matched with tulips, daisies and marigolds.

A bowl or platter filled with oranges, limes, and lemons will make a dramatic impact on any room's decor. You can add aromatherapy to your room by using scented oils, incense, and scented candles.

Springtime Decor

You can lighten up your space by getting rid of heavy draperies and replacing them with soft, lightweight sheers.Translucent sheers can be used to dress your windows and allow the sun to shine in, creating a billowy breeze.You can find sheer panels in any color, from white to fuchsia, and with eye-catching details like embroidery or beads.

Replace chenille or wintry velvet pillows with decorative pillows made of silk or cotton in subtle botanical patterns. With soft floral patterns and creamy fabrics, your living space or bedroom will have a garden-fresh look.

You can also find spring-inspired fabric designs that feature birds, honey bees and bunnies. These light and whimsical fabrics can also be used for spring bedding, such as coverlets, duvets, or bedspreads.

You can swap out heavy rugs for natural fiber versions made of sisal and seagrass to freshen up your floors. Or, go barefoot for a while. You can send the old rugs to be professionally cleaned and then store them for the fall and winter.

Consider these options if you want to make a bigger impact.Painting Dark wood panels or cabinets can be painted in a soothing white or cream color.These rooms will feel larger and more open if you whitewash dark surfaces.

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