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Great Decorating Tips for a Minimalist Bedroom

A refined bedroom is not always better. What is the difference between a minimalist space and one that has too much stuff? Design details.

Invest in the Basics

It's important to choose quality over quantity when designing your bedroom. This allows you to spend more on the things that matter. A great mattress and luxurious linens are the key building blocks of a bedroom.

White Space: Accept it

A neutral color palette will make your space feel more open and light. Choose furniture with straight lines, and white or natural stained wood finishes. Do not be afraid to use white walls and open spaces in your bedroom.

Decorate with Nature

Don't buy tchotchkes or expensive accents. Instead, choose a bouquet of white flowers, succulents in clear vase or branches from a hike. This is a great way to bring the tranquility of nature into your space.

Play with Texture

Layering texture can add visual interest to neutral colors. Layer a velvety or cashmere pillow or throw on your bed. You can also use jute baskets to store or display hammered metallic accents such as bowls and vases.

Focus on Light

Great lighting can bring everything together, whether you want a large window or a striking chandelier. Make sure to invest in the right bulbs. Choose vintage-inspired designs.

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