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Benefits of Hiring An Interior Designer

Many people think hiring a decorator/designer is a luxury service that just folks with disposable income can afford. Truthfully this is a luxury service however; the price tag doesn't always equate to it being unattainable or perhaps unaffordable.

Interior design and decor services have come a long way from what you and I remember. Gone are the days when this service was only available to the rich and famous (a picture of Robin Leach holding a glass of champagne just popped in my head).

With the invention of e-design and other creative options; many folks finally have access to design and decorating service more than ever before. The spectrum of individuals servicing this industry is also broad; from designers specializing in 1 room makeovers to full service remodels. The sky is truly the limit!

Employing a designer/decorator is a wise and sensible option when you think of what all their services involve. Below are 7 benefits of employing a designer or decorator for your next project.


You've heard the saying"time is money". An interior decorator may save homeowners the dreaded task of sourcing all the goods and furnishings to coordinate a space. Designers and decorators are tasked with measuring a space, creating a color scheme, sourcing the furnishings and accessories and coordinating the delivery and installation.

Unless you have the passion for this work; there are a lot of moving parts to this that I have found people just don't have the patience or desire to visualize a space and plan out the components accordingly.


It appears counter-intuitive but its true that hiring a designer can save you money in the long run. This is one of the most important benefits of hiring an interior designer in my opinion. Let's see a show of hands to those who have impulsively bought paint samples or perhaps a rug only to find out it didn't match the theme of the room. The paint colors looked great in the shop but horrible on your living where there is a lot of natural lighting.

Or the"blue" in the carpet is a wholly different blue than what you'd expected would match your sofa. Mistakes can be costly; its best to work with someone who can readily advise you in these areas at making the proper choice the first time.


Dealing with a designer offers a trained set of eyes to see and notice things that you may not. A designer can give a professional assessment of your space and guidance to homeowners on a design plan and realistic budget to put into action.


When you are in the market to sell your home; it goes without saying that a professionally decorated home may appeal to more buyers and put your home ahead of the contest.


Along with identifying furnishings that correctly fit a space, designers and decorators are also tasked with pulling this all together to create a feeling of fluidity or harmony in a space. Design is a constant balancing act between what looks great and the intended purpose of space; this is where that trained set of eyes can be especially helpful.


Everyone wants their home to have the wow factor. Designers and decorators can provide on this by using their trained attention and being able to think outside of the box.

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