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Amazing Design Tips To Help The Very Comfort Of Your Home Decor

You're considering renovating your home. That's amazing! Your new space will look amazing. But... how do you want it to look?

How do you want it feel? What is the best way to do it? It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the overwhelming feeling of "Where do I start?"

How to Use Color Correctly

Our Interior Designers recommend that you use color sparingly. Use color sparingly in art, fabric, and accessories will have a stronger effect. Color should not be overwhelming the architecture. It should complement the interior/exterior framework.

Do what feels right. Take your time

Design is an organic evolution process. Take your time and don't rush. If it doesn't feel right, it will likely not last long and you'll become bored. If you answer "no", then it is probably not the right time.

Begin from scratch and never stop learning. Don't be afraid, even if you have a good relationship with an interior designer, to voice your opinion. Experienced interior designers will appreciate your feedback and clarity. Do not settle for something you don't enjoy.

The Elements of a Room

The majority of Interior Designers will tell you that each room should have five components: color (print, texture), glow, and something living. The combination creates a dynamic visual narrative that anyone who enters the space can see.

Add an Area Rug

A rug can be used to tie the pieces together and help to ground the seating arrangement. The sofa or chair link will encourage conversation and enhance the enjoyment of that particular seating area.

Be original

Do not try to be someone you aren't. You should surround yourself with people you love. You want a room to feel like your own when you enter it.

Our interior designers recommend that you design your home around family photos, specific patterns, or overt designs. Ask yourself how you live, and then assess your existing space.

Take a look at what you have and what you would like to get. Every item in your home should have a purpose.

After your space has been assessed, our interior designers recommend that you plan your design. Ask yourself questions like: Would I rather have undersized furniture or larger? Do you prefer texture or patterns? Are you looking for straight or curved lines

You want your home to reflect your personal style and lifestyle. You will find a home that is comfortable to live in and enjoy if you keep these two aspects true to you.

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