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9 Critical Ways to Use Wall Storage to Help Organize Your Kitchen

It can be difficult to put together a kitchen that has very little storage. There are many other options.

You can bring in your own storage items, like a makeshift island or a cart-turned-prep-station. Some of your kitchen items can be kept out of the kitchen. Some things can be removed. Your walls can make vertical space more efficient.

It can be difficult to hang items on walls because of the fear of visual clutter. If done correctly, it can be stunning.

Open shelving requires organization. You must be more careful with what you place in open shelving.

Is it worth the effort? If it's not too far away, you can easily reach it. This will save you time searching through your messy utensil cabinet.

Your kitchen might be smaller if you live in a large city. You need your cabinet space for bigger, bulkier items. Sometimes, vertical space is overlooked and may not be considered flooring.

This space is still available to everyone.

What can you do with your wall space?

8 Ways That We Love to Make The Most of Your Wall Space:

Install a pegboard

We love pegboards. Pegboards are available in many colors and are very affordable. You can paint it the same color as your walls to make it stand out.

Pegboard is a great way to hang kitchenware that is difficult to store or frequently used. A bar can be added to your pegboard to hang towels, microplanes, or paper towels. To increase the utility of your pegboard, accessories can be added.

Hook up a pot rack

Pot racks can be hung to store all your kitchen tools, including those needed for cooking and drying. Hang only a handful of pots. Keep it simple, and only hang the necessary.

Hang a Knife Magnet

We love knife magnets, and we have discussed them before. These are great space-savers. This is a terrible idea. Keep your chef's knife and main knife close to your work area. It will be much easier to quickly fix the vegetables that you need, without going through every drawer.

Stemware holders are also handy for hanging.

Stemware holders are a way to hang wine glasses high above the bottom cabinets. It will make your home feel like a restaurant.

If you don't have a lot of storage, this is a great option. Wine glasses can get damaged if they are stored together with plates or water glasses.

You can raise the Dish Rack

Friends who don’t dish wash often are aware of how much counter space the dish rack takes up.

This dish rack is very useful. It can be hung from the countertop to make it easier for other kitchen tasks. You can attach the dish rack to a hook. The dish rack also has a drip tray that captures moisture.

Magnetic kitchen organization racks are also available to be hung from the fridge's side.

Mather says that the rack is popular because it has many bars. The bottom of the rack has hooks and a shelf that can be used to store scissors and bottle openers. The magnetic attachment makes it easy to mount.

It is very practical and doesn't take up much space. You can get a smaller version which holds paper towels.

Utilize door space

Your kitchen doors should not be thrown away! You can use this bathroom organizer to store your door. The organizer can be used in the bathroom. This organizer can be used to store small items such as oil or spices on a narrow shelf.

Open shelving is possible

There are many options for beautiful open shelves. These shelves can be used to add visual interest or storage for essential kitchen supplies. These are key points to remember.

You can purchase shelves with lip if you have items that are susceptible to falling from the shelves. These shelves can also be used to store oils and mugs.

What are you trying to show? It can be part of your decor. Our favorite spices and ceramics are displayed in Mason jars that match with dried grains and beans.

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