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4 Bathroom Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2022

No matter how small your bathroom may be, it should be a place of refuge. You can either make a small bathroom stand out with bold wallpaper or fill a large bathroom layout in a soothing white color scheme with wood accents like a teak stool and a fluffy bathmat to create a spa-like atmosphere.

You can add stylish accents such as low-maintenance plants, vibrant window treatments, and plush towel to create a space that is serene and offers you the peace you need to begin and end your day.

Here are some bathroom trends to inspire you in the new year.

Matte Black Fixtures

Although antique brass has been in the spotlight for a while, there is now a new player in the market. We will see more matte black fixtures in 2022.

Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpapers, from the walls to the ceiling, are the new standard in bathroom design. You can keep the edges soft and curvy by using cabinets and arched mirrors.

You can think outside the box with items that you already own in your home, such as a bar cart with soaps, candles and hand towels.

Bathroom Suites

A trend will be to have larger bathrooms and primary suites. Our clients want to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives by having a primary suite.

These fixtures in gold-tone finishes are increasingly available and will continue to rise in popularity. These fixtures are often associated with boho aesthetics, but they can also be used with traditional and modern aesthetics.

Spa Aesthetics

People desire sanctuaries. To achieve this, it is important to keep bathrooms clean and orderly. Bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms and can't accumulate a lot of clutter. People will keep them clean and simple to offer a sanctuary.

Organic Elements

Bathrooms will be infused with natural and organic elements, spa-like atmospheres, and brought in the outdoors.

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