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11 Simple Interior Design Ideas and Tips

Need new interior design inspiration to help bring life to your home? Here, we break down 11 easy tips that will help you freshen your stale appearance and add energy back into your rooms.

#1: Utilize the"smalls" of a room to add flavor to a space and save overall prices

When you maintain your staple pieces (sofa, armchair, furniture, etc.. ) simple and basic, it allows you the chance to bring personality to your space through accent pieces like cushions, rugs, art, and accessories aka"smalls". Undoubtedly, in a few years, you will become bored with your"smalls" and will want to update and replace them.

Your staple bits should last from 10+ years -- that's why it's less expensive to update your smalls more often than your staple pieces. We do consider rugs to be part of your"smalls" category unless you decide on a more expensive, investment carpet for your space.

#2: Artwork does not have to, nor if it match your room's color or design

We suggest intermixing various mediums of art in a room. For example, if you've got an over-sized, traditional oil painting and you want to have a more diverse space, you may want to also incorporate a black and white abstract photograph or painting.

Or, if you have a great deal of photography in a room, you may want to supplement with something more sculptural. You want your art to be an additional design element for the walls, and if it matches everything else on your space, it will end up mixing in instead of serving as an additional accent.

#3: Always, always, always measure and space plan first

Don't ever try to put together a room on a whim -- you will make a mistake. Most likely you'll end up using a bit that is too small for the space, because it appeared like the safer option when buying.

Always have an aerial perspective for the space plan and measure each bit that will go into the space. This will make sure that the space flows and functions properly and properly.

#4: Be sure to have a well-balanced mixture of texture, pattern and color in a space

A room that feels"off" is mostly likely because of the scale of patterns or bits. Either they're too large or too small for the space, or the room lacks texture. For example, a combination of a velvety sofa using a leather armchair might just create that perfect balance of texture within the space.

Or a nubby area rug with all leather upholstery might help create that balance and a harmonious juxtaposition of textiles. So, an idyllic mix of texture, pattern and color will help in creating a pleasant makeup for a space.

#5 -- Utilize lighting as art

Whether it's a light fixture, table lamp or floor lamp, lighting can be used as a form of art. It's a unique way to add personality and texture into a space without relying on a predictable part of art hanging on the wall.

For example, you could use an Amazing chandelier above a table with nothing on it and that alone will speak to the art element inside the space

#6 -- Mixing metals is a must

Employing multiple types of metals at a space can really make an eclectic statement within a home. Everything in the room doesn't have to be drastically different that it feels schizophrenic, but having an easy flow from a dark metal to an antiqued bronze into a glistening chrome is a great way for a space to feel designed over the years instead of all at once.

#7 -- Identify the form and function of a space before proceeding with a design

What is the emotion you are attempting to elicit from this space? Peaceful? Impactful? What purpose will this space serve?

Will it be a formal space that's just for show or rare events, or is it a comfortable living space that should withstand constant use? Always identify first the emotion and the design will organically proceed.

#8 -- Select art that speaks for you and not just because it'goes' with your room

Art should always reflect your personality. So, if your gut and heart gravitates towards a bit, make use of it.

#9 -- The rooms within your home should match each other, but not necessarily match

This is a necessary part of design to ensure your space doesn't fall flat and sterile. There's a difference between your home having an easy flow from room to room versus every room matching the following. This natural flow can help your home have a much better curated space.

#10 -- The more chairs the merrier

We personally feel that you can never have enough chairs in a space. Large comfy chairs to small antique chairs into a chair from the corner of a room with a stack of books on it.

Do you have a bath tub? Set a chair near it for your candles. Need a space in your bedroom to sit and put your shoes ? Pair an interesting chair next to your nightstand.

#11 -- Maintain different flooring types into a minimum

If you want your spaces flowing well from room to room, especially if it's a smaller home, you need to have the same flooring kind through your home. This will give the appearance of a larger home and a continuous flow from room to room.

But there will of course be areas where you need a different flooring kind, like in a bathroom with a shower or bathtub, or any area that regularly gets moist.

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